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ORAS Release!! by magicalondine
ORAS Release!!
I went to a midnight release last night. I actually finished this on Wednesday and didn't get around to uploading it, but now is as good a time as any!

(If you wondering why Treecko isn't here: I drew May with Torchic and Mudkip because she has both starters in the ORAS animated teaser. Because she's the best.)
lil fursona by magicalondine
lil fursona
I haven't drawn my fursona in a while, and my girlfriend wanted me to, so I did! I want these clothes.


magicalondine's Profile Picture
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Arizona
Favourite genre of music: jazz, classical/instrumental, metal, pop
Operating System: Windows 7

My Tumblr:
Thank you for visiting my gallery!

I am currently [and for the foreseeable future] taking commissions. If you are unclear on anything in this guideline or in my ToS, feel free to message me. If you're interested in a commission, please contact me via email at magical.ondine (AT) Thank you!

(Edited February 4th, 2014)

Current Waiting List
Includes commissions originating from other gallery sites.
For personal reference: * = Paid. ** = Paid partial.

Email me to be notified when a slot opens up!

Slot Number: Status - Commissioner (Description)
Slot 1: In Progress - Bebop (1 image)
Slot 2: Empty
Slot 3: Empty 
Slot 4: Empty

Slot 5: Empty 


Things I Do Well:
(A short list of things in my comfort zone that I will most likely be fine with drawing.)
- Yuri/lesbian couples
- Female/feminine characters
- Original characters
- Fanart
- Small creatures/animals
- Character design work
In addition, I am perfectly fine with: Fat or chubby characters, somewhat muscular/toned characters, crossdressing, androgyny, and trans* characters.

Things I Do Less Often:
(Subjects that are acceptable, but may be more of a challenge. Don't be discouraged from asking me to draw these things, though!)
- Male or masculine characters
- Yaoi/gay couples
- Heterosexual couples
- Large creatures/animals

Things I Won't Draw:
- Gore/guro
- Violence (nothing that wouldn't fall under "slapstick humor")
- Non-consensual scenes


Commission Types & Pricing Guideline
Payments are in USD, and are done via PayPal. I ask for payment upfront when I am ready to start your commission.
All prices are estimates. Please email me for a personalized price quote.

+  Colored sketch
$6 for 1 character, $8 for couples. Groups of 3 characters or more start at $12.
A slightly cleaned-up digital sketch with some coloring and shading. These are usually simple and work best with solid-color backgrounds.

+  Flat color illustrations
$10 for 1 character, $12 for couples.
This type of illustration is clean digital lineart with flat colors (no shading) underneath. Backgrounds are usually simple colors, patterns or transparent .PNGs upon request. Detailed scenes are not available with this commission option.

+  Full color illustrations
$15 for 1 character, $25 for couples. Groups of 3 characters or more start at $35.
These pictures are detailed and fully shaded digital illustrations. I typically use a soft shading style for these images, but I can also do a sort of cell-shaded style as well upon request.  Simple backgrounds or transparent .PNG backgrounds are free of charge, but complex scenes may differ from the price estimate I have listed above. Please specify what kind of background you would like when contacting me for a price quote.

For anything not listed in these guidelines, please ask me.


Terms of Service
You must have read and agree to the following terms before commissioning me.

Before reposting my artwork to a public gallery or site, please notify me by email, IM, private message, or some other way before doing so.
Email is preferred.
Do not alter my artwork in any way without asking permission beforehand.
Do not claim my artwork as your own.
Do not use parts or whole pieces of my artwork as references for your own, whether tracing or repurposing parts of the image.

As stated above, I usually accept payment upfront before any work on the commission is done. For large or complicated pieces, I may accept half the payment upfront and half when the work has been approved, but I will not work on a commission before I have received some of the payment, for my own safety.
Please do not send payments as Gifts. This is against Paypal's ToS, as it bypasses their fees for using their service.

Adult Art
When commissioning me for anything of a mature nature, you are paying for my time and effort rather than the finished piece itself. Paypal is not usually accepting of adult art being sold out-right using their service, so keep the above in mind.

In the event that you need a refund, please be patient with me to send it to you as I may not have the funds available right away.
If I have already started working on the piece when you request a refund, it is most likely that I will not be able to give you a full refund. I'm willing to send back some of the money in correlation with what amount of work was not yet completed (such as half of the amount if I have shown you a halfway work-in-progress shot), but for work that has already been done, I will keep what I feel is the equivalent amount for compensation of my time. Thank you for understanding.

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